20th Celebration

CNTA Celebrates 20th Anniversary in 2011

The original by-laws for CNTA were signed on October 9, 1991. CNTA celebrated 20 years of education and advocacy with a free mixer for members and friends, November 9, 2011 at Newberry Hall in Aiken SC. The mixer was graciously sponsored by AREVA.

Most of the original Board of Directors were able to attend; a photo gallery from the event is available below. Along with the good cheer, other key highlights included excerpts from a lecture by Dr. Edward Teller presented at the Savannah River Site in 1992. The Board shared a series of photo memories, accomplishments, and challenges for the future.

A PDF-format copy of the slides is shown at this link. A special edition of the CNTA Aware! newsletter was distributed, laden with reminiscences and more photos.

For the celebration of the organization's 20th Anniversary, Dr. Susan Wood, Chair of the CNTA Board, offers the following perspectives:

Positive Progress

It is hard to believe that this is my ninth year on the CNTA Board and eighth as Board Chair, but we have weathered a sea of change during my tenure and accomplished much in that time frame. I am proud to have been a part of the journey and continue to be amazed that CNTA's small operational budget leverages a large and capable volunteer group with outstanding results. I thought an abbreviated summary of accomplishments would provide food for thought for all CNTA members.

Some of the most noteworthy events have been:

All this, while expanding our funding base to accommodate the evolving economic environment and ensuring that we continue to serve our member base by hosting excellent speakers at our Up-and-Atom Breakfasts and the annual Edward Teller Lecture. The ongoing CNTA business activities also include letters to the editor, Op-Eds, testimony given at NRC, EPA and DOE hearings, and input to Congressional Committees, as well as serving as a resource for elected officials.

So, in this, our 20th year, we can reflect on this positive progress but not stand on our laurels. The swirl of publicity surrounding the Fukushima event demonstrates the continuing need for clear, factual communication on nuclear matters which are all too often a target for media hyperbole or at best inaccurate representation. On the average, most of the general public has little understanding of radiation or other aspects of nuclear technology. Thus, education needs continue, not only with respect to current events and the importance of nuclear energy to the nation's electricity supply, but also to enhance awareness of the many career opportunities in nuclear industry. In fact, there is considerable interest in cloning CNTA in other venues, such as North Carolina, which would support the expanding regional nuclear business base.

Thanks to all of you who have helped make CNTA a success! The coming years will be equally exciting and filled with opportunity to make a difference---locally, regionally and nationally. I look forward to working with you all.

20th Anniversary CNTA Mixer: Photo Gallery
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