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The Southeast Universities Nuclear Reactors Institute for Science and Education

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University Consortium Members

Clark Atlanta Clark Atlanta University
Clemson Clemson University
Florida State Florida State University
Georgia Tech Georgia Institute of Technology
Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech University
Medical College of Georgia Medical College of Georgia
Medical University of SC Medical University of South Carolina
Mississippi State Mississippi State University
North Carolina State North Carolina State University
South Carolina State South Carolina State University
Tuskegee Tuskegee University
Tulane Tulane University
Florida University of Florida
Georgia University of Georgia
Maryland University of Maryland
South Carolina University of South Carolina
Tennessee University of Tennessee
Vanderbilt Vanderbilt University

Industry Consortium Members

CNTA Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness
EDP Aiken Edgefield Economic Development Partnership of Aiken and Edgefield Counties
General Atomics General Atomics
MWH Americas MWH Americas Incorporated

Federal Laboratory Members

CNTA Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SRNL Savannah River National Laboratory

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