2004 Teller Lecture

The 2004 CNTA Edward Teller Lecture and Banquet

It was a full house at the 2004 Edward Teller Lecture/Banquet, held 18 November 2004 in Augusta GA, co-sponsored by Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness (CNTA) and The Medical College of Georgia (MCG). Our guest speaker was Dr. Henry Wagner, Jr. MD, a pioneer and international authority on nuclear medicine from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His talk was titled "The History and Future of Nuclear Medicine."

The evening began with General and VIP receptions hosted by RCS Corporation, Areva, and the American Nuclear Society. At the banquet, presentations were made for the Fred C. Davison Distinguished Scientist Award and the Robert Maher Memorial Scholarship. (Winners of these awards are presented on separate pages, reached from the main Teller Lecture web page.)

Dr. David Stern, Dean of MCG's School of Medicine, introduced Dr. Wagner. Dr. Wagner, a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, co-founded the Johns Hopkins Division of Nuclear Medicine in 1959 with Dr. John McAfee. A retired professor at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Wagner has trained more than 250 nuclear medicine and radiology residents. He has a National Institutes of Health Program Project research grant for nuclear instrumentation and chemistry in medicine that is now in its 39th year.

Dr. Wagner said that the field of nuclear medicine really got its start in 1946 and has grown ever since. Last year, a total of 16 million patients in the U.S. alone were studied or treated using nuclear medicine. In the future, he would like to see patient information embedded on computer chips that can be linked to an international physician database. Then, the best physicians in each sub-specialty of medicine can assist in patient diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Wagner said that his proposed international health database would allow physicians to predict which illnesses or diseases a patient is likely to contract in the future, allowing doctors to prevent or better treat those diseases.

Jeff Allison, Department of Energy Manager for the Savannah River Site, presented Dr. Wagner with an engraved leather-bound book titled "The Faces of Aiken."

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