Dr. Dale Klein

The 2007 CNTA Edward Teller Lecture and Banquet

CNTA's 16th Annual Edward Teller Lecture/Banquet, held on November 29 was another success, featuring Dr. Dale Klein, Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as the guest speaker. Dr. Klein gave a stimulating presentation on how the NRC is monitoring activities of the industry as it moves toward new technologies and potential expansion of nuclear energy in the United States. Dr. Klein was confirmed in his role as NRC Chairman in July 2006. As the principal executive officer and the official spokesman for the NRC, he is responsible for conducting the administrative, organizational, long-range planning, budgetary, and selected personnel functions of the agency.

His honors and awards include: Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the American Nuclear Society; the Joe J. King Professional Engineering Achievement Award; Engineer of the Year for the State of Texas; the University of Missouri Faculty-Alumni Award; and the University of Missouri Honor Award for Distinguished Service in Engineering.

Dr. Major Thompson presented the 2007 Fred C. Davison Distinguished Scientist Award to Dr. Hadyn Williams of the Medical College of Georgia (MCG). Mr. Jimmy Angelos, Manager of Nuclear Nonproliferation Programs at Washington Savannah River Company, introduced the recipient of the 2007 Robert Maher Memorial Scholarship, Mr. Matthew Presson, an Engineering student at the University of South Carolina at Columbia.

This year's program included a remembrance by Walt Joseph for Dr. Todd Crawford, a long-time mentor, educator, manager, and organizer for environmental activities and nuclear technology, and co-founder of the CNTA.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our many sponsors, our CNTA membership, and supporters of the 2007 lecture. We are already working on the 2008 event.

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